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* Get a discharge of your debts * Reorganize your mortgage * Get rid of old taxes
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Civil/Commerical Litigation

Litigation may ensue for a variety of reasons. They may include a breach of agreement.
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Foreclosure Defense

If you are facing foreclosure or serious delinquency, you need to seek legal counsel quickly.
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Credit Card Settlement

Increase your FICO score * Lower interest rates * Save thousands paid in interest towards your car loan or mortgage.
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Estate Planning

Estate planning is important as it helps to protect the integrity of an individual’s legacy.
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Immigration Law

The U.S. immigration laws and the process of obtaining citizenship have become very complex and burdensome.
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LOGODCS2We are a small sized legal firm, which believe consumers deserve fair and affordable legal representation. Our size ensures that you will always receive one-one treatment with a highly qualified attorney. We understand  the duress and anxiety individuals face when dealing with overwhelming debt. During your toughest times, we stand by you. Our goal is to help you eliminate unmanageable debt and to get a fresh start. Our continued success is a testiment to the level of service we provide to our clients. We are accessible dedicated and very affordable.


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